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Thursday, October 16, 2008

One shot, two shot, three shot - FOUR!

Well, on Tuesday I had to go have MORE blood drawn to see if I had gestational diabetes. Sheesh, if I had only known. I arrived and they asked me to sit in the little seat and proceeded to bust out some needles. I said, "Um, NO, I need to drink some nasty thing and THEN you can take a TINY BIT of blood" well, he had other plans. "Nope, sorry, we take before AND after". Whatever. He drew blood, I drank this nasty orange stuff and he made me chug it by the way (Reminded me of college) and then I had to wait an hour. The moments ticked by because I KNEW my left arm was next. Damn! So after an hour, I went back over and after he poked me THREE times... I was done. He said a prayer for Tristan while I was sitting there and quite frankly it's the only reason he didn't get my shoe up his butt.

So today, I had my monthly check-up with my fabulous Dr. Jaffee... I love her. I gained 3 pounds which she said was great and am right where I should be. YIPPPEE! She then told me I don't have diabetes... YIPPEEE #2. But, happened. I told her nurse (Cheryl who normally I love) that I wanted to wait and have my flu shot later. She smirked and told me to roll up my sleeve. DAMN! Fine............ I did it and told her how mean I used to be and I hoped that "didn't happen to her this time". You just never know when you will revert back to your old ways. :)

But then, out of the corner of my eye... I saw it... needle #4!! I said "Oh no, no! I know the flu shot is only ONE shot". I think she gets a chuckle out of me because THEN she said... "this one is for your butt, pick a cheek" - DAMN! It's that horrid RH negative whatever-the-crap-it's- called shot. So, that was poke #4. Of's the ONE Dr. appt Holt isn't able to come to so of course, I have no one to gripe at! Ha!

I called my mom and told her what a big girl I am! YIPPPEEE. No one got cussed at or punched. I'm so mature.

Tristan is also believed to be "head down" with his back on my left side... just happy as a clam kicking away. Silly little man, he has his bootie in a perfect spot for a spanking, so God bless him should he get out of line or kick me too hard. Smaaaaaaaaaaack! Yeah ...right. I also have a low iron count so I have to take iron pills...thankfully they have a stool softener...I've decided I don't like that word... it's a poop perpetrator instead. I feel like only my gram can say bowel movement or one else! So anyway, it will keep the "blueberry" away....some know what that means, some don't. That's all I'm sayin'! Ha!

Ok, that's all for now. Mister T (as Liz likes to call him) and I are doing VERY well... other than heartburn, I've got no complaints. I'll add a few pics this weekend once I get the room all set up and cleaned. I have so much laundry to do... but I love it! Getting me prepared for later.

Oh and Mom...this one's for you....

Right-on-track Orca Barber over and out!

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