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Saturday, October 25, 2008


Ok, so this is crazy... our friends Brad and Nat have 2 boys and have graciously offered us all of their stuff to borrow. This I knew months ago.. and literally cried at the thought because for so many like us, funds are VERY tight.

So they offered the infant car seat, high chair, toys and bins of clothes. We are SO grateful!!

Well, it gets better.... Nat called me a few weeks ago about the car seat. Apparently the handle was sticking ... they used it for both of thier boys so they just got used to it. Brad, of course, wanted it to be perfect for us so he took it to the dealer to see if the "stuck" could be "un-stuck". To his shock... they told him that should NEVER have happened and they were immediately going to give him a BRAND NEW INFANT CAR SEAT... ...AND BASE!! WOW!!!! So they were thrilled and went right home and called us. God has blessed us...through Brad and Nat and given us a brand new infant car seat and two bases. This has saved us hundreds of dollars...I'm still in shock. They are also letting us borrow their Peg Perego High Chair and I was able to get a new seat for $45 and it's ORANGE - that too has saved us hundreds!! THANK YOU Nat, Brad and of course.. God!!!

Then our next blessing came from my sister-in-law, Kimmie. She has an infant stroller to just toss that into and we are thrilled! We had a gift certificate from Bob and Franci and were then able to spend that on this stroller below for when Tristan is a little older...notice it's ORANGE (God bless Tristan if he doesn't like orange because his daddy loves it!!) and it's EXTRA tall for EXTRA tall Holtie!

Then, I thought everyone would like to see a few updates of the room. The rocker isn't here yet... and it's really hard to get great pics..but when we get a camcorder, I'll make a video instead so you can see his whole room. YIPPEEEE

and last but not least...all the new clothes that need to be washed - yahooooooooooo! I better get used to it, I know!!

I'm tired..............whew! Love you all!!

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