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Tristan Holt Barber is here

Tristan Holt Barber

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

So much to be thankful for!!

Look at our cute animals! John and Ginger sent us some wall art and I'm so excited because I LOOOOVE getting Tristan's room done. They also bought us the light switch and the night light but I'll have to exchange because Target's registry didn't tell them that I had two! Ha!
They also bought us the cover for the changing pad.... I put those little animals everywhere..I LOVE THEM!

THIS gift below was the shock of all shocks! My friend at work... Karen Castleberry bought Holt and I this baby video monitor. Never being a mom before, I had no idea what monitor to get but EVERYONE I've talked to has said that I will be bopping into T's room every 5 seconds making sure that he is breathing and this is awesome because we can see everything right from the monitor in our room! Personally, this could mean 5 more minutes of sleep so I couldn't be MORE THANKFUL!!!

Now here's Holt holding all of our gifts from Chrissy and Josh VanScoy... two out of the 8 friends we sailed the BVI with! Chrissy is one of my Ya-Ya's... and Josh, well...I've known Josh for almost my entire life (Poor soul!) Holt is holding Tristan's scrapbook page and let me tell's awesome! Don't be scared people, you can send any form that you'd like but she definitely raised the bar! They also sent us the softest blanket on the planet, The Giving Tree book (which I used to own, but lost and LOVE IT) and the cutest stuffed animal! See below...

I'm totally keeping this guy for myself.

and here's the front of Tristan's card... it's awesome!

and then some words of wisdom on the back... and I love that it's a sailboat! Takes me back to the care-free days in the BVI!!

Also, we received a gift card from our friends Bibby and Ralph Starks. Bibby and I used to work together at Hyatt and she was so sweet to think of us! I will DEFINITELY make good use of this in the diaper section of the store!
And last, but not least... Unkie and Aunt Sue also sent us a gift card to Target. I gotta tell you, I'm going to have a hard time parting with it because it's a little alligator and you can move his mouth, it's so cute! But again... my sons bottom will need some coverage so I'm sure, once I'm desperate, I'll hand it over!
I'll be updating more next week after my shower this weekend. I'll be sure to have lots of photos of friends and family so you can see how cute everything is and everyone who decided to come. I'm sure it'll be interesting... never a boring day in my world - ha!
Orca Barber's back to work............... ciao!

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