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Tristan Holt Barber is here

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

And we've got CLOTHES!

Ok, I cannot, CANNOT believe the box my friends Kristin (Diego) and Scott Payne sent us. IT COVERED my dining room table (which the picture above does NOT do justice to) and it was an awesome gift! We have so much now, it's incredible. Their son, JT is about 5 or 6 months ahead of Tristan so she sent me all of his clothes... and bottles, hats and booties!!

It's official, Tristan has more clothes than Holt and I do... and the Simpson's are sending us home with even more in April!!

They also sent us the CUTEST little gift bag and cards... with a porcelain Precious Moments cross and a bunch of blankies -

Holt also received this gift from the title company that he uses for his real estate deals. It has a little terrycloth duckie toy, finger puppet, hooded towel, a wash mitt, 8 wash cloths and it all comes in the little woven basket that I now have in the bathroom to hold all of his soaps and lotions. SO CUTE!! Thank you so much to Janet and Michael Suddreth, that was so thoughtful!!

No signs of baby yet......... I swear, he's not coming out... but hey, I like to do things in my time so I guess I should expect nothing less from my son.

As I said, loooong ago in my blog... there were 9 of us pregnant. I was #8...well, Alicia, #9 - decided to jump in line and she went into labor yesterday. I haven't heard if her little guy has arrived yet but I'm sure he has. I am very happy for she and her husband but really don't appreciate going last! Durby was first, I am last... guess that makes us bookends!!

Stay tuned............Baby Barber will soon be here *I THINK* Ha!

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