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Thursday, January 22, 2009

It all began at 7am on a Wednesday

Well, at 7am on Wednesday, January 14th I went to the hospital to be induced. All was going well, doc came in, breaks my water, pitocin was working, full contractions, 2 minutes a part, 50% effaced, dilated to a 2..doc says, I'll see you at noon. Great!

Noon comes... dilated to a 4 but Tristan doesn't like off I go...trying it on my own. BIG contractions... BIG and fast... time for my epidural! YIPPEE

here is before and after...

guess which is which?? ha!

well, 6pm when my doc returned she checked things out and my cervix was very swollen. After some tears, some prayers and some letting go... they wheeled me into the ER and set me up for my c-section. This is my nurse Linda... I absolutely LOVE her and am so thankful that she was my nurse!!

Here's Dr. Jaffee... I love her too

8:25 arrived and out comes our little guy, and look at the proud papa!!

Ok, gonna post some pics now... we had a really rough night but I've decided I'm not gonna tell that story... I;ll just end this one by saying that I wanted to cry...when we finally got in our room close to 1am. BUT in the midst of the icky night... my sweet husband was having issues swaddling our little guy and asked me for help. mind you, i can't move, epidural still in full force... so he brings Tristan to me... he said can you help? We open the swaddle and in there are the diamond earrings that I have wanted for SO long. He said I deserved them for all of my hard work... he said that I deserved them and he wanted me to have something beautiful on the day our son was born. My heart melted and I fell in love with my husband again. I fall harder and harder each and every time. God gave me a man of integrity, of great character that loves me VERY well then He tops it off with an awesome, healthy, happy baby. THAT is a blessing. All else fades away. Perspective is awesome!!

Pictures in next post....

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