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Sunday, January 25, 2009

It was fun but I paid for it!!

Well, yesterday was a VERY busy day and I think we wore the little guy out. He didn't nap well and didn't sleep well last night and boy oh boy did I pay for it. Oh well... I'm tired... but it was fun. Guess I'll take advantage of today to relax. Nursing was VERY painful yesterday...I cried at one point (ugh) so if you think of me at 1am you can pray for me... HOPEFULLY it will pass soon, what a beating......... BUT my little guy is WORTH every tear!

Tristan met Unkie and Aunt Sue yesterday.
He looooooooooooves them. They drove in from Waco, thankfully they aren't too far now...about 2 hours. We are planning a trip to see them in February and we'll get to see cousin Lute and Derrick too so Tristan is pretty darn excited!
They brought us a little goodie bag, a Baylor T-shirt (of course), a little shirt that was Sam's AND a cute little belt that was Holt's that was passed from Holt, to Derrick to Lute... how sweet is this!?
That shirt is soooooooo tiny and cute and the belt, he'll grow into for sure - love it!!!

Then Tristan met Ms. Connie... ...a coworker (more importantly, friend) and just LOOOOVED her! Ms. Connie is a baby freak and it was so sweet to see them together. Connie lives in Lewisville (near lots of restaurants and movies) so one of our first 2 hour date nights will be dropping him at her house, whoopin' it up and grabbing him back. She is the first non-family member babysitter... I promised long ago. I think she bribed me with bread that day... it was SUCH a great deal - ha! She brought him a little outfit that says "I was worth the wait" and then a box of little socks that are cowboy boots in a ton of colors - SO CUTE! Her hubby John made us Mexican lasagna, guac and chips, bread and muffins for breakfast today OH and she even brought treats for the dogs... EVERYONE was VERY happy to see her! Thank you Ms. Connie!!

I forgot to include the picture of the gift from Mark and Megan Crouser... SO CUTE! Can't wait for you guys to see Mister T (as Layman calls him)

One of my mom's best friend's Lana (and her hubby) sent us such a sweet card and a gift card to Baby's R Us... LANA, THANK YOU SO MUCH... you are so sweet to do that - now you realize this means that my mom owes you all sorts of baby pictures... hee, hee, hee! E-hug from my little guy to you!! Thank you!!

Thank you also to Brigitte and Brandon for sending us the books and sweet card.

Tristan can't wait to meet you guys in April!

Oh and a "shout out" to Lisa Biddle.......thanks for reading about my crazy life, I hear you missed me while I was not blogging ... hee, hee

One last note.......


We love you!!!

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  1. Oh... the brown bear book. You'll read that one for sure. Over and over and over again. Sometimes you'll dream about it. It will haunt you.

    But Tristan will LOVE it, and that makes it easy to deal with. :)

    Brown bear, brown bear what do you see?