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Tristan Holt Barber is here

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Our angel has arrived

Thank you for being patient, I've gone missing for a while... and have been dying to get on here but I haven't had more than 5 minutes to myself..imagine that!!

Well, let me first of all thank a bunch of people...get that all out of my head and post it, then I'll tell a few stories!

Thank you Kimmie for being in the delivery room and helping Holt and I for those few days in the hospital. We couldn't have done it without you! Sam and Ruth Ann thank you for taking care of our other two "kids" - it took a HUGE burden off of Holt and I and gave us great quality time with our son.

Robert, Mark, Nancy, John, Hannah, Austin, Tiffany, Margie, Debby, Kathy (Ebby family), Gill and my "family" from BBC, plc in London...thank you all for our flowers. Our room and house smell fabulous and look great! I was hoping to take pictures but again... I have a lot on my plate. :)

Thank you for the gifts... Michelle & Phil, Debby & Alyssa & Katelyn...the diapers are awesome...and SO useful - this kids just blowin' 'em out. Imagine that! Ha! Margie, Loni, thank you for the clothes... this will be the best dressed kid around!

Trish and Loni, thank you also for bringing us dinner, it has been SUCH a blessing...SUCH a HUGE blessing to not have to cook at night.

Trish, Jenn and Chloe...thank you for the Target gift certificate as well, this too comes in SO handy and Holt and I are so blessed that you have done this for us.

Oh and Teri and Nancy, our next door neighbors, they are AWESOME! They brought us over a baby gift - so sweet and TODAY..the put a door in our fences so our dogs could run back and forth and play. THIS IS HUGE for those of you that know Simba. As isn't thrilled, he's Mr. Anti-social, but Simba the social butterfly is jazzed!

Oh and Corey...thank you for setting up the meals for us...Durby, thank you for giving me mom advice, calming me down and making me feel sane!

Steiner...thanks for sending off those emails and keeping everyone in the loop and Wendy, to you too for handling the Balfour Beatty family and keeping them informed.

There are links and videos on Facebook...for those of you that don't have it, I'll try and have Holt post them to YouTube so you can see them...

ok, now I think that covers it.... I;ll post and then get back to the business of telling you what happened all starting at 7:30am on Wednesday when my sweet angel arrived....

We love this boy!!!

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