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Sunday, January 25, 2009

keep it all in perspective Julie....perspective is KEY

well, it was a rough night last night. I think all the meeting new people, and stuff made my little guy a little over tired... he didn't sleep horribly, he just had trouble slowing down and closing his eyes. He did sleep for almost 3 1/2 hours at a time though so that was good....

Woke up semi rested and reasonably happy... me, not him. He was great.

so I spent the morning hoping for a shower but silently wondering HOW that would happen. I'm learning that the moment he falls asleep that is the time for ME... shower, shave, movie, SLEEP... whatever I need, I take THEN... not pay bills, write-thank you and THEN do that.. I take care of ME in those moments. So, I rested... a little. I'm learning...slowly.... :)

So it was about 4pm...Holt just got home from work and he's been busting his behind mind you. Real estate has been picking up... and he took a bunch of time to care for Tristan and I. He has run every errand, done all the to-do's around here and has been SUCH a great comfort to me.

When I cry from breastfeeding because it is SO painful he is there cheering me on. 5am or 5pm, he is up encouraging me and supporting me through it. He has changed a ton of diapers and swaddles like a champ. He has cared for our two crazy dogs and taken trips to Walgreens for things that no man should ever have to buy for his wife. He's incredible.

So, at 3pm or so... I was hoping he could rest after running around finalizing a contract. Well, nope... that wasn't gonna happen. Our resident klutz did it again.... Simba came inside the house with a gash on his hind leg that almost made me puke. It was disgusting. I was ricking Tristan and I popped out of that chair like someone poked me in the butt with a match! Holt came running in and all he could say was "holy crap" off to the emergency vet he went. WHY DOES SIMBA ALWAYS DO THIS ON THE WEEKEND!!!??? So... long story short, and $725 later...Simba is out. Oh and he can't be around other dogs and has to be confined to a laundry room for 2weeks. Um...yeah, Holt goes out of town Tuesday for a week and I have the dogs and the baby so um, how might THAT happen... so, the vet called, gave me the run down and I called my mom bawling..... BAWLING... but then, pulled it together so I could feed Tristan - silently hoping he wouldn't "feel" my stress. luckily, he didn't seem to notice a thing.

Sam (my FIL) turned 70 today and we were all getting together to celebrate his bday. I was so exhausted, I decided to stay home. I got in the shower... cried my eyes out because of my puppy and then smiled, thankful to be clean. Holt told me that Sam and Ruth Ann offered to take Simba for the week that Holt was gone and I felt a HUGE surge of relief... HUGE. I don't even think I can stand seeing him right now. He has a drain, he is shaved, his ears are taped back from his previous trip to the vet and he has this huge blue cone. He's pathetic looking and his pupils are HUGE and he's loopy and it's sad... BUT he's just a dog... I know.

So anyway, it was a rough one and I'm looking forward to some sleep and then for a fresh new day tomorrow. I will miss my hubby but am looking forward to some one-on-one time with my son... I know it will be a rough few days at times but he smiled at me for the first time today and moments like that are precious and I can't wait for more. We will miss daddy... but Grandma comes on Saturday so that's something in the near future to look forward to for sure!

My prayer... safe travels for my hubby, my puppy to be well and not drive my in-law's insane... my mom to not have horrid weather getting here, for sleep and for pain free breastfeeding. I am asking for a lot... but hey... if you don't ask you can't receive!!

Keeping it all in perspective though... my life is good... VERY GOOD....period.

Off to spend time with Holt then S-L-E-E-P! Ciao

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