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Tristan Holt Barber is here

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

More visitors...more thank you's!

Daddy loves his little guy...they got some serious snuggle time in and it was SERIOUSLY CUTE! The day always starts out sweet and with lots of energy........

I had to include this picture..... it may have to be a Christmas card or something...he's SO CUTE!

This is Teri and Nancy...our neighbors who I worship...little "w" of course! They are the ones who built the dog door IN our fences so the dogs can play. They said don't worry about the dogs when Holt travels, we will help and our 6 will play with your guys. Simba for sure... Aslan... well, he's unclear. Mom, they also brought something here that you'll love to see.. hee, hee, hee. Show you Saturday when you get here! ONE WEEK FROM TODAY - Yippeee

This is Kimberlee...we call her EE...actually everyone in my life calls her that because my SIL (sister-in-law) is Kimberly and it gets very confusing when talking about them.... so this is EE and she calls herself T's's super cute (you'd have to hear her little accent that she doesn't think she has....) ha!

EE came over yesterday and brought me YUMMY spinach enchiladas and came to see the little guy. She just loves him. She and I are very much the same... not having kids... so we laughed as she held my son and I told her... "don't worry, your time will come" - she will be an awesome mom and I can't wait to be there. And torture her... like she did me...

See EE thought it would be funny to say things to me daily like - your nipples are going to burn and fall off, your water is going to break at the company Christmas party, etc... all sorts of stuff.

Payback is a mother.... see my letter below. Tristan mailed her his umbilical chord once it fell off. She almost puked. It was awesome. Mess with the bull.........

This arrangement came yesterday from our Florida office... they are SO SWEET! Thank you Gail, Delana, Al & Ray... SO SWEET! I didn't take pics of everyone's flowers - I was lazy BUT I did post 9 or so blogs... so shush! Mark Crouser also sent us this awesome cart FILLED with toys, Manny and his wife Julie sent me a "Mommy's wine" cup and blanket - SO CUTE! I received flowers and cards from our London office... man, this kid is getting stuff from across the pond! Daaaaaaaaaaang!

This gift is from Mara and Paul... they live in Chicago... it is SO CUTE! Spoiled, spoiled - SPOILED!

Believe it or not....our insurance agent (Ron) and his assistant (Erica) sent us this rockin' baby blanket... so cute! Allstate ROCKS!
This is Aaron and Jenny. They are very good friends of ours from our old Bible study, Holt serves with Aaron at church and they are pretty much twins... they get along great and Jenny... well, quite frankly, she is the nicest person I have ever met (sorry for the rest of you but I'm not kidding) and she is absolutely drop dead gorgeous. What a couple! They made us homemade pizza, a salad and ice cream for dinner last night. YUMMMMMMO. Man, I've never appreciated my friends more!!

This is cousin Katelyn... she is in love with Tristan and has offered to babysit for an hour on Wednesdays so Holt and I can start dance lessons again. We were thrilled! She lives 5 minutes from the dance studio so once I can bottle feed and I'm all healed, we can begin! Aunt Debby and cousin Alyssa are there too so I'm sure there will be many baby wars. This kid will be well loved and spoiled!

This is Ms. Loni.... she brought us dinner the other night and it was YUM-O...ITALIAN! LOVED IT!! She also brought Tristan clothes and a baby book.... man oh man.. this will be the best dressed kid on the planet. I don't have any more room in the drawers. My mom and I will be sorting clothes next week...his dresser is a department store! Thanks Loni!!

Franci and Bob also sent us a monogrammed blanket with Tristan's name and is SO sweet!!
I have decided not to write thank you's for those of you dropping food... I'll get on here and officially thank you... but I have written almost 12 a day and 1) I'm out of cards and can't drive and get more 2) am EXHAUSTED and will hug and kiss you and profess my undying love if you forgive me. :)

Well, this is usually the end of the day... who would have known that a little guy could use up so much energy. He's worth every ounce of it and plus, who wouldn't want to snuggle. Getting tired has it's benefits!!! Holt and I usually take every other day to take a sleeping beating... ha! Meaning...last night he got 8 or 9 hours...I got about 6 ...the night before it was reversed. Works out great. My man is good to me!!

God is good to us..........we have an awesome baby that we love that is surrounded by others that love him too. Perspective is awesome............. I am blessed.

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