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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What did the bug say when it snuck up behind the bee?


Oh my poor boobs.... well, I found out today that I do NOT have mastitis but I have a yeast infection in my breasts. yeah...Lovely! These girls have taken a beating in the last 5 weeks and I don't know how much more they can take! Ha!

Just proves that I am absolutely NOT giving up on breastfeeding!! Sheesh. At 5pm today I will be starting my antibiotic so it will be a long 2 weeks but they will hopefully feel better soon. I can't even work out because the friction would kill me. It actually feels like acid is being run up and down my chest.... lovely. Just lovely.

Anyway... the bright side of my doctor's appointment... I lost 28 pounds. WUHOOO. I weighed in at a nasty 188 the day I gave birth... today... 160. So, I weighed 150 when i got pregnant but that was 20 pounds over what I should be... all due to my nasty blood disorder that they can't quite figure out. So anyway, in a nutshell... I've got 30 pounds to go.

I'll start running with Aslan as soon as I won't cry and whimper the entire time. For now... I'll sit and breastfeed... you burn some serious calories doing this. Plus, it's best for the little guy... stay tuned.. there is more to come but I have to run to dinner...

Blog at'cha later!

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