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Tristan Holt Barber is here

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Thank you Mommy (My mama that is)

Well, my mom left yesterday and it was very sad. Sad for her, sad for us.

My mom was up lat...up early, rocked, changed, and loved on her little grandson. It was such a sweet time having her here.

Then, there was me..she tolerated my bitchy attitude when I was on my own last nerve, she was patient with me, let me sleep and understood my meltdowns.

I have been scared to death that Tristan isn't getting enough food, or when his belly button had dried blood, I freaked...and she remained calm and usually gave me a "when you were little" "Your sister once.." and in the moment, I was annoyed maybe because I was scared... but after a minute or so... her stories were calming that I wasn't crazy, I wasn't alone... I was just a normal first time mom with first time jitters.

Mom, thanks for all that you did, thanks for my pedicure and eyebrow wax - it's the first thing I have done for myself and I am thankful that I did it with you.

We will miss you but August will be here soon enough. Just like we did the webcam with Aunt Trisha and Aunt Jeanne... we will have that at least with you too. It's not the best but it's better than not "seeing" him in action.

Thanks for everything....... we miss you. Love, Holt, Julie and Mr. Cheeks! (WE SHOULD HAVE TAKEN MORE PICTURES!!)

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