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Tristan Holt Barber is here

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hey - what are you lookin' at? Oh ... ME!

I think I'm funny.... my daddy makes me laugh... A LOT!!

What............ did you say MORE presents!?

My friend Jackie from Hyatt sent us the CUTEST OUTFIT for Tristan and if it fits him, he will wear it at his baby dedication at church on Father's Day!!

Then Mommy's friend from college... Michelle Piansky (Breakstone) sent me these VERY cool outfits!!

Now I can dress cool like my daddy!! Now if I get some cool hair ... my daddy can make it all poky like mommy likes it!!

Our friends from Chicago, Becky, Todd, Noah, Tori and Ali sent us these awesome clothes too for when I am a bigger boy.... we like people that plan ahead! My mommy and daddy this Ms. Becky and Mr. Todd have superpowers because they have 3 babies and my mommy and daddy can barely handle me!

Also, we would be remiss to not thank Mark and Megan Crouser and Karen Castleberry for dinner the other night. We looooooooooove Outback!!

And last but not least, Ms. Holly for bringing us yummy tortilla soup and guac and chips for dinner last night. YUM!! If Mama's happy....EVERYONE is happy!

What would we do without our friends!!?? THANK YOU!

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