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Tristan Holt Barber is here

Tristan Holt Barber

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

He is ready to ruuuuumble....

We went back to the doc yesterday and T is doing great! He is no longer stuffy, he is weighing in at a hefty 8 lbs. 10.3 oz and is happily gaining. He will be hitting the ring soon - ha!

Next check-up - March 19th - yahooooo

Oh and I also got the thumbs up on breastfeeding and although we aren't supposed to take him out in groups of people... the pediatrician gave the a-ok for people to hold him, snuggle him but just avoid kissing his sweet cheeks or his hands... have at the feet though (quite frankly my favorite baby part is feet!) because there is a huge outbreak of flu and whooping cough. YUCK!

My dear friend Christie was supposed to come over Friday night with dinner and Durby was coming Saturday but it just so happened neither could come.... but that is by the grace of God because they BOTH had the stomach flu the day after they were supposed to come so I am VERY thankful that we were spared, but VERY sad that my friends were sick! Get well both of you and then you can come and meet the little guy!

There are about 20 of you that still are planning on seeing Tristan, sorry it's taking so long, there are just a lot of people that want to see him and it's SO exhausting some days so we have to keep it to one person/family a day. Plus, Holt comes back today and we need a couple of days to ourselves so other than those dropping us dinner, we can't have visitors. We need a little family time - Daddy needs to see his boy and plus, my mom is here and we just need to chill.

So, thank you ALL for your patience and know that we are very excited for you to meet the man, but we are doing our best in balancing rest/fun and family!!

Love you all, Holt, Julie & Tristan (T, Mister T, Mr. Cheeks, Boo or the Nugget) - all of his nicknames so far!!

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