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Tristan Holt Barber is here

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Sunday, February 1, 2009

She comes bearing gifts!

Well, Grandma Margie arrived yesterday and Tristan was SO happy to meet her!! I think she's in love.........

Sweet Hadley decides to jump in the picture!

This is the CUTEST piggy bank from my mom's friend (and next door neighbor Barb Leone) and she also sent this sweet frame!

This stocking was made by my mom's sweet friend Barb Eberhardt - SO nice of you to think of Tristan and take all that time to make him this sweet gift!!!

Lea Whaley (one of my mom's Ya-Ya's) also sent a long this CD for Tristan to listen to - I can see myself work, middle of a staff meeting humming these tunes, missing my little guy! I love it!!

Lori my mom's dental hygienist sent him a baby toothbrush - SO SWEET!!

This sweet little precious moments doll came from my mom's friend Sharon Rooker - it says "Now I lay me down to sleep..." with this sweet little boy's voice - it is PRECIOUS (no pun intended, it's just the perfect word...)

This came from our next door neighbors Gary and Corrie, they are so sweet to come over and drop us a gift and card. They like us (until now) didn't' have children so we were the families that had toys, trampolines and swing sets in our yards with no kids! Ha! He said we can come and use the swing set whenever we'd like. Hopefully we'll have one and a little sand pit once daddy gets creative... they have tree house kits are Home Depot..maybe T will get lucky!

Finally, my dad sent this beautiful bracelet in honor of Tristan's birth... it has his birthstone and thankfully it's tiny so it fits my arm (it's the ONE small part on my body besides my ears!!)

THANKS Dad, I love it!!

Well, had a rough night sleeping... got about 3 hours.. ugh... when I get 6 I swear I will throw a party!! If I could only get into a routine........... gotta pray more.... just gotta pray more!!
Love you all, Jul



  2. Hi Julie! Hi Margie (we're guarding the house)..Julie, Tristan is GORGEOUS. All the ladies here at work think so, too. Love the pics. God bless you all!
    Cathy Barlow