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Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Valentine and more...

Check it out - I'm awake!! This is rare....... cuz I'm a milk-a-holic I eat and sleep... oh and poop and pee!!

My friend Ann Marie (AKA - Beaner)

sent us this sweet card and a Target gift card - wuhoooo! Diapers here we come!! Thanks Ann Marie!

And lo and behold Mr. Mailman was slow in delivering Auntie T's Valentine to Tristan - so sweet!!

Then my Mama bought Tristan a welcome to the world gift and I wanted this loooong ago and my mom saw a clipping here at my house so she bought it. I have to buy a hanger for it so it can go up on the wall.. but it fits our theme PUUUUUUUUURFECTLY (booooooo, I know!)

Yesterday after Tristan ate, we headed off to the 'Rents so we could meet Mimi and Daddy Howard for dinner... it was very fun! Tristan got some special time with Grandpa before we headed out... he looooooooooves Sam!!

Simba just doesn't quite see what all
the fuss is about.

Aslan is more curious about Tristan but I think that's because he is getting WAAAAAAAY less attention from me and he's trying to figure out who stole the show. I'm trying to balance it more now and once I can run.. I'll get more time with the big love bug and he'll probably be less... well, jealous I guess. he looks a little depressed, wouldn't you say? maybe it's just fat... not sure...

Anyway, off to the Chiro to get my back aligned and have Dr. Mary give me a major rub down. I'm telling this woman heals my soul... I don't know what it is about her but I LOVE her and she honestly heals every aching muscle in my body. Dr. Mary Collings.......... give her a try - she's better than a massage I swear!!!

I have to get home and work on my poor baby's cradle cap (pediatrician says it's not bad at all but I hate it!) and his little baby acne from the cream I have to use. POOR GUY!! He's still cute though!!!


  1. omg, i LOVE these pics. What a cutie patootie!! He just looks so, "What Mom? I'm just chillin".

    Plate ='s Adorable. SO CUTE!

  2. He is so adorable! Also, rubbing breast milk on his acne will make it go away within a couple of days (that is if it's not already gone!)...and an easy way to get rid of the cradle cap is to put some baby oil on his head, let it sit for a few minutes...then when he's nursing - start scratching it off with your nail or a fine tooth comb. Of course I always skip the part where the soft spot it and work around it...but it works every time! Then you have a greasy little head that will need washing...but its worth it! All mine have had it (a couple of times each..yuck!) I hope you all are doing WONDERFUL!

    Meghann :)