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Tristan Holt Barber is here

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

All sorts of fun!

Last night, Durby came to meet Tristan! She brought YUMMY potato soup, YUMMY bread and a YUMMY dessert! We love Durby!!

Then we got presents in the mail and one delivered by EE!

The blue doggy is from David and Peggy Preston from my office.... SOOOOOOOOOOo cute and SOOOOOOOo soft!

and the clothes are from my LONG TIME friends, Tim and Tina from California (now they live in Scottsdale)

oh and they spoiled me too and sent me this awesome bracelet!

These are gifts from the Ya-Ya's...

Ya Ya Nancy gave me these rockin clothes and my daddy LOOOVES orange so he's excited!

Ya-Ya Pookie (AKA Aunt Tracy) gave us a little green so he can stay true to his Irish roots - GG Joan would be proud!

Then, Uncle James and Aunt Sue brought Grace and Davis over to play! Grace wasn't too happy about the trampoline, Davis.. yeah, he could care less - he got to play in water (dive in the stream behind our house actually AND play in all the dog water bowls - He's soaked!!)

Grace LOOOOVES Uncle Holtie

Davis...gotta love those chunky cheeks!

Uncle JJ loooooooooooooves our little guy!

And boy oh boy...after a busy day of friends... a little tummy time workin' out my neck muscles with daddy... (Sorry can't fix the red-eyes in the pic)

Mommy and I are tired!!

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