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Tristan Holt Barber is here

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Monday, March 16, 2009

BBC Family!!

I didn't break out the camera early enough... I missed a few people with Tristan.. Durby was one of them. I asked her to feed him for me... and boy oh boy was that uncomfortable. See, Kristin has a newborn too and is nursing... the room FELL SILENT... and I realized and said

NOOOOOOOO, I BROUGHT HIM A BOTTLE. David (below) head of HR, slowly just shut his door... and said "I'm not listening, I'm not listening!"

This is Wendy...Tristan looooooooved some Wendy.... we see why, she's beautiful!

Oh yes and he loves EE..... Tristan flirting with all the ladies!

Then here's David..... EE just basically plopped him in David's lap but he responded quite well!

This is Mark Layman..... my boss.... he is HILARIOUS. He's got 3 so he's a pro at this dad stuff too. The funny thing was ... I walked away and he got "stuck" holding Tristan for like 10 minutes because there were all these ladies there and they were scared to take him away from Mark. I didn't realize for quite some time but Holt sure did think it was funny...

This is Barbara... she and I served on Hunger Busters together... it's where you go and feed the homeless.. I LOVE THAT MINISTRY!

Oh and here's Robert! My other boss... he's the Big Dog at BBC and the nicest man on the planet! I miss my bosses!! He has two and is quite the pro as well!

Then there's Manny..... everyone loves Manny, even T. When I was pregnant he would bring me Wendy's vanilla frostees and fries with LOTS of ketchup. Durby is babysitting his hamster right now which I somehow still find hilarious.... Buttercup or Butterscotch or something Butter...

Manny you rock!

This is Crouser....he's the OTHER Mark... he's one of our Officer's and a good friend of mine and Holt's. His wife loves Baylor so Megan is "part of the family" automatically.

This is Ms. Christie..... she's a very good friend of mine too. She was my secret sister for a year... and I love her dearly!

Then this is Ms. Angie... she's a baby magnet... they love her. She's kind of the baby was actually hard getting him back from her. :)

And then Kasey Bevans. She's an Officer of our company too... so I get to take fun trips with her once in a while. She's the head of our IT department. Yeah, I know...don't you wish your IT looked like mine? She's not only beautiful but she's smart and funny and sweet. I love her! Her best friend is a very close friend of my sister in law's ... small, small world.

Ok, that's it. I'm exhausted......bloggin' is done for the day! More BBC family pics to come next week when I pop back in. If I don't get this baby in Connie's arms she's going to die!


  1. It's a guinea pig, not a hamster, GOSH! Lol. I keep calling him a gerbil. Butterscotch the Guinea Pig. We love him. Her. It.