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Tristan Holt Barber is here

Tristan Holt Barber

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Random shots..... and fun!

This is Cheryl... she's my nurse at Dr. Jaffee's office and I love her. She has four kids and seems to think that Holt and I should keep having kids until we have AT LEAST THREE. I never said she was sane...
This is Melissa, she's married to Jason - Holt has known these guys forever. They will hopefully be some of our future traveling buddies! I have only met her one other time but she's one of those people that feels like a sister the moment you meet her!

This is Ms. Janet.... not only did she review all of our closing docs for our house in Chicago.... she fed AND burped the little guy all dressed up....she rocks!


These are some gifts from my friend Becky Scanlan... Beck and I used to ride the bus together and play and stop by the local candy store and pig out. Thank you for those awesome gifts - so nice of you to think of us!!!

I love this pic of me and my little man... I think I like him...

This is Tristan and Holt.... check him out holding his head up - wuhoooo!

Aw, just bein' CUTE!

a little further away.....

Holt wanted to see if Tristan could stand up in one of those saucer/bouncy things.... he can't quite stand but he can ALMOST hold his head up. I didn't think he was old enough (which he's not quite) BUT... I think I don't want him to be THAT big yet. BOO HOO!!

I think he's in shock... just a little

We wore him out. All that fun is tiring!

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