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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Here comes Peter Cottontail.... ok, obviously NOT PETER

Peter can't have babies!! But Penelope can - that's what I named the mama. I call her Pen for short!

Look.........Holt found bunnies again in our backyard! Holt was digging out his flower bed (with a shovel) and after whacking into the dirt a few times... heard this small little noise... he still dug but with a bit more caution.... then he remembered the little guys from last year so he used his gloves and dug... there were obvious signs that my bunny lovin' self would have seen... like the MOUND of mama bunny fur... so after a little lookin' he came inside, locked the dogs up and said "DOODLE, COME HERE". Now, Tristan is in bed but it was the "you are gonna love this" tone that he had so I knew it was good.

First we found 4 bunnies, but then he found two more. Aren't they cute??

Well, God bless him, he's the ONLY man I know (besides my dad) that loves me enough to love their garden/landscaping but loves me more to let them live in that same area. See, bunnies can't move too far from where their mama left 'em. You can also touch bunnies too, and the mom's will come back. So anyway, Holt built a little bunny haven so Pen could get in, they are safe and warm (we put newspaper shreddings and the fur/twig stuff that Pen made in there) and placed them all on a big fluffy towel to burrow in.

We did our best to put rocks on and around it so Simba... the mighty hunter... won't get the little guys. Trust me, I will monitor and smack him if he gets near it. I don't know if you can see but the crate has a handle where the Pen can squeeze in. Holt cut and nailed sides on it to keep out the nasty elements... I will be checking on them when it rains and replacing the towel. HOPEFULLY it works out ok. We couldn't leave them where they were - they would never have survived but it's NEXT TO where they were so we're hoping! Below you can kind of see the "door".

Anyway, I will bring out lettuce and carrots to entice Pen to come.... and we'll see how it goes. Last year, we lost 3 bunnies but we think 1 made it. They would come to me when I came out it was SO cute.... I would sit next to them and they would come out of their hole and crawl into my hands.

I tried to get them to a vet or animal shelter but they won't take them. I guess wild bunnies just don't make the cut so I did the best I could to help them survive. It breaks my heart and sometimes I wonder if God's giving me a gift because bunnies - oddly enough - have always been a very happy sign of life for me. Long stories around that ... and I won't get into it but let's just say... I love them lots.

I'll keep ya posted! BYE!!!

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  1. OOOHHHHH. Bunnies!! How cute!! I want a bunny to hold and cuddle!! Scott ran the lawn mower over some baby bunnys before I moved in with him. Luckily, mama had dug a hole deep enough they didn't get hurt. They were probably just TERRIFIED! Poor things. Close call. God must REALLY love bunnies. :)