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Tristan Holt Barber is here

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Monday, March 16, 2009

We know a REAL McCoy....

Well..ok, Kelby is a descendant of the REAL McCoys....look out Hatfield's... Kelby is a bad*ss!

Not kidding...AND he's handsome. Double whammy.

Here he is in action... he's great with babies because....

He's GOT TWO! Ok, Maddox is like 16 months and I think Ryan is about two... Ryan was shy for a bout an hour but then we let them play with the baby.... boy they liked us after that!!

Aw, little Maddox... his Mama wasn't home but she's beautiful too...makes sense then...

THAT THEY ARE SO CUTE. Yeah, talk about a little heart breaker....sheesh!


and Um, did I mention that Kelby is a REAL MCCOY? He has these heads that HE hunted with a BOW and ARROW all over the world. He's got records and all sorts of craziness. He's a great guy to be friends with. *GRIN*

Oh and this is Riley....she's awesome... if I was gonna get a little dog, I'd get her. I don't have a picture of Max...and I feel bad, cuz that little pooch is cute too - SORRY MAX!

AND finally, they showered us with gifts..... a grocery cart cover, a cell phone and a light up lion for my diaper bag. GREATNESS. WE are so spoiled..... thanks guys!!

More BBC fun to come....

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