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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Goodbye sweet Joelle

Well, this is a sad post... my friend from college... Joelle Manganaro passed away last night.

Joelle and I were roomies for a bit but more importantly shared a million laughs. She, Bill and I were like the rat pack...

Jo has been sick for a long time... we lost touch for a few years and found each other again last January. From the moment we started talking again...she was sick. Brain cancer, Lupus flare ups, ovarian cancer, stomach cancer... ER visits every week, throwing up for days at a time... surgery after surgery after surgery.

The ironic thing is...we spoke on Saturday and although she was sad at the thought of leaving her boyfriend and her daughter... she said this was no quality of life...and if this was it... she'd rather go. I'd never heard her say that before. I don't think she gave up, I think she just accepted it and realized that she may not live long.

We talked about God a lot... we talked about how He could let her suffer and be so sick...for so long. I promised her that although I didn't have every answer, I KNEW that He was with her and that He was shattered by her pain. He loves her and cares for her and is with her EVERY SINGLE STEP. I don't know where her heart finally fell.. but I believe she loved the Lord even though this was so horrible.

She said the pictures I sent her of Tristan made her heart smile. My angel made her smile and now may she be rejoicing in the heavens!

Goodbye to my sweet friend... you will be missed.


  1. :(

    This hurts my heart for YOU. Not her, because she's sitting with Him and far happier than you or I can imagine. If you need anything, anything at all, let me know.

    I loved seeing you today. I miss you.

  2. She suffered for a long time but I believe that she had a closer belief in God and was happy that she had reconnected with you. I know that she felt very comforted by you and you helped make her time a bit easier by listening....She is now at peace... love, mom

  3. jen natalzia naabApril 8, 2009 at 3:02 PM

    God Bless her and her family.I will keep her and loved ones in my prayers.