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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Stop the Nightmare-Go-Round, I wanna get off!!

Ugh...... issues with our closing in Chicago. If you are reading this... know that Holt and I are upset, annoyed and doing our best to trust that God has this whole thing figured out.

In a nutshell, we received our closing docs and they were a MESS. First of all they were the docs from the OLD closing that died a while ago, there were no terms, and they wanted us to sign away our life and just "trust" that they had everything on the up and up.

My brilliant husband said, "Um, no thanks.. not taking that risk with my family." So, we wait. We called and they called Citi (Our 1st mortgage) and basically the deal has not REALLY been approved. The 2nd lien holder has approved but not the first (the big one) and the girl from Citi won't call our chickadee back.

So, we have until next Wed. If we don't get this tied up we lose approval from the 2nd mortgage holder and if that happens we lose our buyer.

We are asking that you pray with us that this can be resolved. At this point, if this doesn't happen, I think we would be forced into foreclosure and again, if that is what God has for us, we take FULL responsibility for our choices. We are just hoping that He has a great plan.

I can't turn my head... my rhomboid is once again angry and has taken it out on my neck. So off to see Dr. Mary today... she always fixes me right up, I can't wait.

Please pray for Holt too as a lot of this falls on his shoulders and it's beginning to "weigh" on him. Oh and to make matters worse... someone kicked in the door the other night on our house in Chicago. I'm assuming it will be a good $500 to fix that and we have to fix it at the right TIME or they will just do it again. Apparently our vacant house is attractive to someone.

Ugh. Trying not to get down or upset... just trying to believe that this too will work itself out. It's just hard. I think I'll go stare at Tristan....... he makes all this crap fade in comparison.

Thanks for your prayers........we need 'em!

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