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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Poor little ER baby

Well, on Sunday it happened again... blood in my little boys diaper. So, off I went to After Hours Pediatrician. They checked him out and immediately sent me to the regular ER. Once there, they did a few tests, took some X-Rays and then promptly told me that Tristan needed to be admitted so they could observe him and be sure that he didn't have a condition requiring surgery. Holt was in Chicago and desperately trying to get home.. but couldn't - it was horrible.

My heart stopped...yes, stopped. Then, the tears started. Thankfully, my mother in law (MIL) me me at the hospital. The ER check in lady was ROTTEN and the nurse that initially took care of us was even worse. I thought my MIL was going to kill her, it was actually funny. (Nurse Deb you need to work on your bedside manner, you are NOT nice.) She yanked and poked Tristan and I thought I was going to kill her. Candace..the other nurse... she was very sweet. Dr. Badger and Dr. Saad (not a great name for an ER doc) were great too... and after explaining it's hard to get through newborn "chub" to find a vein, he said that the head is the easiest place to put an IV. So... they did.

Here is my little boys head - and his nasty IV!!

Heartbreaking... and he had blood all over his head until they finally cleaned it up. Ugh

Finally, they told me I was getting moved up to a room. This is Ms. Kori, she was Tristan's nurse and she was INCREDIBLE. We loved Ms. Kori. She took great care of us all night long!!

Kimmie came up to the hospital to stay the night with me. We settled Mr. Cheeks in and then snuggled into a hospital bed together. Reminiscent of our Breast Cancer Walk days when we slept in the tent and snuggled because we were so cold. We even had a bought of laughing our butts off like little kids. Thank you Kimmie for the comic relief (and for the McDonald's) and Bebah for going to my house and getting all of my stuff that I desperately needed!!
Bebah and Grandpa Sam came back up in the morning to see Tristan and give him lots and lots of kisses (and some food to boot!)

FINALLY, at 9am on Monday... Daddy arrived. Whew

Then Daddy stole Mr. T's paci...which was VERY funny...

Then we were released at 2pm yesterday and I was SO thankful.

We went back to the pediatrician today, and Dr. Katz gave him the "all clear" - my little man is fine. Well, as long as I cut out ALL dairy, ALL eggs and THEN he'll be fine. So basically, I just went on a major diet. Wanted to lose 15 pounds anyway!
Praise God that my boy is ok, that Holt is home and that we get one more week.. with me home...just the three of us. Back to the real world next week. It's ok though, my little guy is in good hands!


  1. You're a wonderful mommy and I know that you would sacrifice anything for Tristan....I wish you weren't going back to work quite yet, but I know you can handle it. You are the best and I think you're a hero....stay stong you, mom

  2. Poor little guy. And poor mommy and daddy. I hope all is FINALLY well. I just want to cuddle poor Tristan. So traumatic.