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Sunday, March 29, 2009

To be HUGged or PAMPERed..what's the TARGET of your affection?


Well... diapers SUCK. I mean they SAY what the sizes are but clearly...they don't use a baby to measure!

Ok, so the first are Size 1 HUGGIES (8-14 lbs), next... Size 1 Target (8-10 lbs).... next Size 1 Pampers (8-14 lbs) (hence my horrible joke above)

So I don't know if you can clearly see but they are NOT the same size... about a knuckle a part in how high up his back they go....

Can you tell better here? Probably not, but when I hold them tight you can see. Too lazy to go take that picture.

Anyway, being the first time mom that I am... I am buying by NUMBER... not by SIZE (So in my mind size 1 is size 1) BUT in my defense... 8-14 lbs is NOT the same in Huggies and Pampers, period.

So now I have 4 bags of Target diapers that Target wont' let me exchange and 3 bags of Huggies that I can't exchange... does that suck or what? The good thing is I get to give them (and my knowledge of above) to some people we know with little ones.

Bad news portion #2... I locked Holt's car... he has BOTH sets of keys (brilliant I know.. I thought I had a set) and my Pampers that he can actually wear (that he is almost out of) are in the back of Holt's truck. I'm down to 4 diapers that fit. Yes, I can go buy more BUT I have so many damn diapers that I'm irate! So anyway, in my brilliance or maybe sheer lack of sleep in the last 24 hours.... (up at 4am and stayed up because of a sick little guy - OUCH)So I can open that bo of 154 and he can wear probably 20 of them OR I can bust open the Size 2 in my closet. I choose Size 2 an Holt can try and return all of the bags of diapers in his car. I thought I was smart stacking up...and to be honest, I really didn't have that many bags... my little guy is just growing quick.

He said, don't look at me's not my fault I'm short and chunky like my mom!!

Hee, hee............we are funny!
PS - I'm making light of my little guy cuz he had blood in his diaper again..just a touch...and mommy looks happy BUT she's worried. :(

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  1. I'm thinking of you guys. It's so hard to have a little guy who's sick and you don't know what's wrong!! How can you fix that?! You can't!! So unfair. That's all Mommies want to do is fix it. :( The emotional toll of loving someone so much.

    I'm praying for you and Tristan and that Holt gets home ASAP!