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Tristan Holt Barber is here

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

One shot, two shots, three shots - WAAAAAH NO MORE!!

Oh man........ I am pathetic. Tristan had his two month appointment with Dr. Katz today (whom I LOVE... if I forgot to mention before) and it was all going well...

We arrived, people commented on how cute my little guy was... then they called us in. He weighed in at 12.44 (75th percentile for weight) and his height is 22 1/2 (which is in the lower 25th - 50th percentile) he's apparently taking after me... short and chubby. *SIGH*

Then ... Fabulous Katz answered all of my questions... still has minor cradle cap (A.K.A. stinkin' dandruff - and I thought it was a "condition") ... so Selson Blue is what needs to happen. Sweet... I can do that... CHECK!

Then he is holding his head up great but now we need to increase it to EVERY awake time and then when he's mad... make him go 2 minutes more, really tick him off... ok, can do that... CHECK!

Remove the bumper pads in his crib... they are cute but I don't like them that much... Out they go... CHECK!

Then... this adorable little nurse came in. Satan in disguise.... ok, that's mean... but SHE had the shots. Ugh. First one he drank.... and he enjoyed it. Whew... one down.

Another nurse came in... and I couldn't take it.. I bailed. I had to sit in the hallway... and CRY. Ugh. Dr. Fabulous busted me and said "It's ok... don't feel bad about being out here" - it's like I'M GETTING THE STUPID SHOT....

TRISTAN WAILS............... (I cry, cry, cry)

Then TRISTAN WAILS LOUDER........... (Now not only am I crying, I'm busting in the door regretting that I'm a wimp and can't watch my son get poked.) Thank God Holt was there.

I look at my sweet boy and he has tears rolling down the sides of his eyes... I snag him from Holt and tell him that I'll be tougher next time and won't leave him alone... even though he wasn't alone... he was in perfectly good and protective hands... but I won't leave him alone feeling the pain all by himself. Holt is tough, he tells him to suck it up, and I have to get tougher so I don't project my crap onto him BUT ... for today... I will just kiss and rock my sweet boy and cry with him.


I'm a sucker for my baby and I can't help it.

I hate shots....... thankfully I'm working and Holt will go to his 4 month appt without me (unless I leave work and come, I don't know if I can NOT be there)

So, my short chubby boy is peacefully sleeping now, I feel better....... I'm gonna go eat something.

Chubba-wubba Barber over and out.


  1. I STILL cry when one of the boys gets shots. And I promise myself and everyone else that I won't. Then I do. EVERY TIME.

  2. Selson Blue? Really? What do you do - just use it like a regular shampoo on the little guy? You'll have to tell me more! We're STILL fighting that on our little guy...